Check out One of the Counseling Services at Telkom University

Check out One of the Counseling Services at Telkom University

Telkom University has a counseling service that is managed by the Directorate of Student Affairs at Telkom University. So what is the purpose of this service?

BANDUNG, Telkom University –  Hi  TelUtizen, do you know that Counseling Service is a student welfare program that concentrates on non-academic services including consulting services in the fields of education, scholarships, health, career, personal and discussions about current issues among students. This counseling service aims to provide a deeper introduction to individual or student characteristics, assist students in adapting or adapting to higher education, overcoming academic, social and individual problems that affect student academic development.

Efforts to improve Telkom University Counseling Services?

One form of effort made by Telkom University in improving Counseling Services is holding counseling guidance activities carried out by the Directorate of Student Affairs at Telkom University , the purpose of this Counseling Service is so that students can choose, prepare, take responsibility and get valuable things from decisions made took it. This Counseling Service is also divided into 2 types, namely Counseling Services which are carried out online and offline, the difference between these two types of Counseling Services is that Online Counseling is carried out through a chat feature with a counselor from the Directorate of Student Affairs at Telkom University while Offline Counseling is carried out by chatting directly with the counselor. inTelkom University Student Directorate .

What is the Registration Procedure for Telkom University Counseling Services?

You can do the registration procedure for these two types of Counseling Services through Telkom University igracias, namely on the Counseling Guidance menu and then enter the registration section. The registration procedure for these two Counseling Services is the same, both online and offline. You only need to register to choose the type and purpose of counseling and determine the counseling schedule according to your needs. In addition, you can also choose a counselor who will help you during counseling later. For a detailed flow of procedures for registering for counseling services, you can see the following image or you can go through the following youtube video .

Telkom University Counseling Service

Telkom University Counseling Service

That’s the Counseling Service at  Telkom University . For complete information, please visit .

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