Get to know Telkom University Vaccination Health Service Program

Get to know Telkom University Vaccination Health Service Program

BANDUNG, TELKOM UNIVERSITY – Health is something that Telkom University continues to pay attention to Currently, Telkom University continues to evaluate all health services provided to all students and academics in it. This evaluation is important so that the quality of health services on campus can be continuously improved. The existence of the TelkoMedika Pratama health clinic owned by Telkom University was initiated based on the university’s vision and mission which not only provides a proper education for every student and student, but also provides health insurance for all students.


In the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic, improving Health Services is something that is being intensively improved by Telkom University, one of which is holding a Vaccination Program for all students and the academic community. Tel-U was also trusted by the Bandung Regency government to be the location of the vaccine center for the Bandung Regency area, as well as for the entire extended family of the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT). This vaccination program is in collaboration with the West Java Regional Police (POLDA JABAR) and Alumni of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Padjadjaran.


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The first vaccination program or dose one will be held on June 21, 2021, and the second dose will be held on July 21, 2021 with the Sinovac vaccine. This vaccination program was held at the Telkom University Manterawu Building . The vaccination program for Telkom University students is a form of Telkom University’s support to the government in the success of the vaccination program in Indonesia, as well as an effort to grow health immunity among the academic community.


Telkom University Vaccination Program

Telkom University Vaccination Program


Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya also expressed his gratitude for the smooth implementation of this vaccination program, and expressed his gratitude to the Bandung Regency government for entrusting Tel-U to become the vaccine center for the Bandung Regency area.


“This is a role model for how we (Tel-U) can teach  human literacy  on campus, so this is an implementation of how  human literacy is  implemented. Tel-U also has a vision of “not only kahartos but karaos” (not only understandable, but also useful).” he said.


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The hope of this vaccination program is that Telkom University will continue to develop the health services in it as well as support the Indonesian government in improving existing health services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic

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