Steps of Telkom University Health Clinic in the Covid-19 Era

Steps of Telkom University Health Clinic in the Covid-19 Era

BANDUNG, TELKOM UNIVERSITY  – As one of the leading private universities in Indonesia, of course it is not easy for Telkom University to create the best health environment for every student and the entire academic community in it. In this era of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is certainly important to minimize the risk of transmission. Therefore , Telkom University continues to take anticipatory steps , in collaboration with the Telkom University Health Clinic, namely the TelkoMedika Pratama Clinic.


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The form of this covid-19 prevention effort is that all students, whether they are inside the campus environment or outside the campus environment, are required to always keep their distance to minimize the risk of spreading and transmitting COVID-19. Telkom University also enforces the policy of Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in the campus environment, where the implementation of the Work Form Office applies 100% to structural officials starting from the Chancellor to the Head of Affairs/Assistant Manager and 50% for Lecturers and non-structural workers.


Another effort made by Telkom University in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and improving health services is by collaborating with IT Telkom Surabaya since early 2020 to quickly produce Face Shield PPE with 3D printers. Yes, since the presence of a 3D printer which was placed in the production system laboratory of the IT Telkom Surabaya campus, the lecturer community has never stopped making efforts to develop the latest innovations to help provide the best for the country, including the contribution to the war against the deadly COVID-19.


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The purpose of the rapid and mass production of PPE face shields is because we know that masks and face shields are medical devices that must be used to minimize the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Face shield is also one of the mandatory PPE for every medical worker. Even today, many hospitals or other health facilities such as laboratories, clinics or health centers are experiencing a face shield crisis. The need for face shields in the Telkom University Health Clinic environment is no longer in doubt, the number is sufficient to meet the needs of medical personnel.


All kinds of face shield models that have been produced will be distributed to health facilities at Telkom University as well as to several hospitals as a form of community service. Every lecturer also hopes that with this 3D printer machine, it can help everyone to speed up the process of producing PPE supply for medical personnel who really need the help of complete PPE equipment to carry out their duties in the health sector.


The availability of adequate face shields will also be very useful for every medical worker who works at Telkom University ‘s TelkoMedika Pratama Health Clinic who treats various types of patients every day, both from Telkom University students and the general public who need their help.

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