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Telkom University Patient Service Robot in the Covid-19 Pandemic

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University has introduced its newest innovation in terms of Health Services, namely a Robot Doctor Representative (Doper). This Doper will later help doctors and nurses to communicate directly with COVID-19 patients. Previously, Telkom University had created another robot technology called Autonomous UVC Mobile Robot (AUMR) , Dentist Protective (Dentpro) and other innovations in tackling COVID-19. According to the research team leader Doper Azam Zamhuri Fuadi, […]


Get to know Telkom University Vaccination Health Service Program

BANDUNG, TELKOM UNIVERSITY – Health is something that Telkom University continues to pay attention to . Currently, Telkom University continues to evaluate all health services provided to all students and academics in it. This evaluation is important so that the quality of health services on campus can be continuously improved. The existence of the TelkoMedika Pratama health clinic owned by Telkom University was initiated […]


Steps of Telkom University Health Clinic in the Covid-19 Era

Steps of Telkom University Health Clinic in the Covid-19 Era BANDUNG, TELKOM UNIVERSITY  – As one of the leading private universities in Indonesia, of course it is not easy for Telkom University to create the best health environment for every student and the entire academic community in it. In this era of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is certainly important […]


Check out what health facilities are at Telkom University

BANDUNG, Telkom University –  Hi  TelUtizen, do you know that health service is a unit that is intended to support health services for all students and the academic community, where you will get standard health services and treatment for free. Telkom University is always trying to improve the quality of health services for students because all parties at […]

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