Telkom University Medical Devices In the Era of the Covid-19

Telkom University Medical Devices In the Era of the Covid-19

BANDUNG, TEL-U –  Telkom University continues to evaluate the quality of Health Services provided to all students and the academic community. This is intended so that the quality of Health Services can be continuously improved. Moreover, Telkom University is one of the number 1 leading private universities in Indonesia , with a very large number of students coming from various regions in Indonesia and even abroad. This is an important note for Telkom University to ensure and improve the health of all students and the academic community in it. with the hope that students are always in good health, both physically and mentally and spiritually, so that they can take part in lecture activities properly. One of the steps taken by Telkom University in realizingThis Health Service improvement is in collaboration with one of the Telkom Group Health Service providers, namely Telkomedika, which is currently establishing a branch of a Health clinic in the campus environment called Pratama Clinic.

What is Dentpro (Dentist Protective) Telkom University and How Does It Work?

Dentpro (Dentist Protective) Telkom University

Dentpro (Dentist Protective) Telkom University

Dentpro (Dentist Protective) is a device that comes with a vacuum aerosol and droplets machine using a HEPA filter for bacterial sterilization and UV-C sanitizer. The way Dentpro works is through a vacuum machine with high suction power that is connected to certain lines on several boxes. 

So in general, the way the UV-C sanitizer light from box 1 is divided into two points, then it will be connected to box 2, the UV-C sanitizer light and the HEPA filter as a bacterial sterilization filter in the room. 

The vacuum droplets system as well as the vacuum suction aerosol system are connected to the position of the patient’s oral cavity directly when the doctor is conducting an oral examination. This tool is known to have been built with various kinds of experiments over a period of more than 4 months assisted by a team of lecturers from the Faculty of Creative Industries and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering . Also several medical students are already involved in Dentpro’s development and experimentation process.

Telkom University Dentpro (Dentist Protective) tool trial

In its first launch, Dentpro was first used and tested at the Telkomedika Telkom University Pratama Health Clinic . To be used by Telkomedika Telkom University Pratama Clinic Dentists. This tool plays a very important role in realizing Telkom University’s mission, which is to guarantee and improve the quality of health services for all students and the academic community in it.

According to Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty Lecturer Hardy Adiluhung, during the trial of the Dentpro Tool, he received a good response from the Telkom Medika Telkom University Pratama Clinic.

In the future, it is hoped that the Dentpro (Dentist Proactive) tool can continue to be developed and used by dentists throughout Indonesia. This is a form of Telkom University’s contribution to advancing health services both in the campus environment and for the medical world in Indonesia, especially the world of dentistry.

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