Telkom University Health Service Card

Telkom University Health Service Card

BANDUNG, TEL-U  – Hi Telutizens, do you know that Telkom University has a Health Card service as a Medical Identity Card! What’s the explanation like? see the presentation of the Telkom University Health service card in the following article. After previously we discussed the Telkom University Health Service, namely the TelkoMedika Pratama Clinic , now we will discuss the Health Service card that is used when we seek treatment at the Telkom University Pratama TelkoMedika clinic. Telkom University in collaboration with TelkoMedika issued a Health Service Card that was given to all students.

What is Telkomedika Telkom University Health Card?

This TelkoMedika Health Card functions as an identity card that is used for treatment, examination and treatment purposes, both at the Telkom University polyclinic and at hospitals or clinics that work with TelkoMedika. This card is issued by the campus, and will be distributed when students are actively studying. The issuance of the TelkoMedika Health card is intended as an effort to improve and develop the existing Health Services at Telkom University . This card has been distributed and used since 2016. Previously, before the Pratama Telkom Univrsity clinic moved near the Directorate of Student Affairs, students only use KTM (Student Student Card) as an identity card when receiving treatment. “We were only given it in 2016, before you used the KTM,” said Nurhayati as the Head of Counseling Guidance at Telkom University .

How is the Distribution of Telkomedika Telkom University Cards?

The distribution flow of the TelkoMedika Health card begins with the card issuance process by TelkoMedika in collaboration with the Telkom University campus. It will then be forwarded to the student body of the university, and will be distributed to each student of the faculty, only after that students can take it to the student body in their respective faculties.

How to Use Telkomedika Telkom University Card ?

The procedure for using the TelkoMedika Health card is very easy. Students only need to bring and show this card to the administration of the Telkom University Pratama clinic during treatment. Furthermore, the clinic will match the data listed on the health card with the data in the database. If the data is confirmed to be suitable, students will immediately get health services as usual. Easy isn’t it? Another advantage of using this health card is that when students are not in the Bandung city area, students who have this card can still get health services.use this card at several nearby hospitals that work with TelkoMedika. “In the new PKS (Cooperation Agreement), the addition is a hospital outside the city. There is only one city, because TelkoMedika there has branch hospitals. Anyway, big cities, Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta.” Nurhayati continued. In Bandung, several clinics that have collaborated with the Telkomedika Card include Al-Ihsan Hospital, Bina Sehat Hospital, Muhammadiyah Hospital and Al-Islam Hospital.


Telkom University Health Service 2

Telkom University Health Service


Telkomedika Telkom University Card Making Fee ?

Then do students have to pay more to get this Health card? Certainly not. All costs for health card services at the TelkoMedika clinic are already covered by the tuition fee, where the health service fee of Rp. 150,000.00 which is included in the student BPP payment details is included in the student insurance payment every semester. So students don’t have to worry if they have to pay more for this card. However, if at any time the student loses this card, the student can request it back to the Student Affairs section of Telkom Universityat a cost of around Rp. 25,000.00. “If I’m not mistaken, it’s 25 thousand, but I don’t know whether it will be borne by the students or to Tel-U. That can be negotiated later,” said Nurhayati. During that time, students can still be served by using the KTM.


This Health Card really guarantees health services for all Telkom University students. In addition, this card is also very easy to use and the service fee is quite affordable because it is covered by the student BPP. Hopefully, with this Health card, Telkom University Health Services will increase and develop.


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