Telkom University Informatics Doctoral Program Excellence

Telkom University Informatics Doctoral Program Excellence

BANDUNG, TELKOM UNIVERSITY  – The Doctoral study program at Telkom University is a study program for master-level graduates who wish to continue their studies to a Doctoral or Doctoral program. Currently, Telkom University has one doctoral study program, namely S3 Informatics. Where this study program aims to develop research abilities of students and graduates, ranging from research abilities in terms of mastery of relevant materials or theories, research methodologies, and skills in research dissemination.

Research Focus of Telkom University Informatics Doctoral Study Program

The Telkom University Informatics Doctoral study program focuses on research in the field of informatics research, namely data science and Cyber-Physical System (CPS) at the international level. Where in the Informatics Doctoral study program students will conduct research for approximately 3 years (at the earliest). It is hoped that with the doctoral study program at Telkom University, graduates from this study program can have good abilities in conducting research (main research) and developing scientific fields independently or joined in teams at research institutions, universities, and have good leadership skills. good.

Advantages of the Telkom University Informatics Doctoral Study Program

The advantages of the Informatics Doctoral Study Program at Telkom University are that this study program is fully supported by promoters in the field of Data and Information Science research, Image Processing coordinator, Computer Vision, while for Cyber-Physical Pystem (CPS) research, it is supported by the Research Computer Network promoter. , Embedded System, Internet of Things (IoT) with tools related to Machine Learning. Another advantage possessed by the Informatics Doctoral Program at Telkom University is that for Telkom University Informatics Masters students, this Informatics Doctoral Study Program offers special scholarships to be able to continue to the Doctoral Study Program.

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Telkom University Informatics Doctoral Study Program Facilities

In terms of its own facilities, S3 Informatics Telkom University has several supporting facilities such as a special lecture room for S3 so it is not combined with S1 or S2 lectures, a promoter room which is equipped with private meeting rooms, and a special dissertation residency room. In addition, this study program is also supported by the High Performance Computing laboratory, IoT lab, Forensic and Security Lab, Hardware and Embedded System Lab, Multimedia Lab, Human Language Technology lab, and Artificial Intelligent lab.

Lecturers and Staff of the Informatics Doctoral Study Program at Telkom University

Meanwhile, in terms of the quality of lecturers and staff, the S3 Informatics study program at Telkom University currently has 5 teaching staff, as study program lecturers. 2 of them have the title of Professor, namely Prof. Dr. H. Adiwijaya, S.Si., M.Sc., Prof. Drs. SAPARUDIN, MT, Ph.D. and the other 3 have doctoral degrees, there are Dr. SUYANTO, ST, M.Sc., Dr. BAYU ERFIANTO, S.Si., M.Sc., and AGUNG TOTO WIBOWO, ST, MT, Ph.D. The following is a discussion of the Informatics Doctoral Study Program at Telkom University. For more complete information, visit the Telkom University Informatics Study Program website at

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