Service Catalog of Information Technology Center Directorate

Telkom University is committed to providing “Excellent Service” in the context of realizing Telkom University as “World class university in 2017 to support the national competitiveness”, Telkom University is transforming into a professional IT service provider by implementing the international standard ISO 20000-1: 2011. One of the main things that must be implemented according to the ISO 20000-1: 2011 standard is by publishing a Service Catalog or also known as a “Service Catalog”. This service catalog is a description of the services provided by Telkom University and their performance targets. The service coverage included in the catalog is only those services provided to IT users at Telkom University. The purpose of compiling this Service Catalog is none other than so that the quality and detail of IT services can be clearly defined so that their performance can be measured, and in the end the role and benefits of IT for the achievement of Telkom University’s business goals can be optimized.

Information Technology Infrastructure Service Catalog

Katalog Layanan ISTI rev 06

Information Technology Product Development Service Catalog

Katalog Layanan DevTI_06

Information Systems Operational Service Catalog

katalog layanan RiYanTI 07

Service Catalog of Information Technology Center Directorate

Service Catalog of Information Technology Center Directorate

This service is intended for all IT service user work units at Telkom University (referred to as customers / users). Therefore, Telkom University together with customer representatives will agree to a service performance contract called a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a contract duration of one (1) year or another specified period.

Customers get the following rights:

  • Using the benefits of the availability of IT systems as described in ANNEX A with the level of performance as guaranteed in the SLA.
  • Receive support for interruption resolution so that service performance as guaranteed in the SLA can be achieved.
  • Receive reports on the performance of services provided two (2) times a year.

This Service Catalog is delivered with the hope that the benefits of IT services can be felt as much as possible for its users. For further information, please contact the Directorate of Central IT Service Desk, extension number: + 62-82319949941, e-mail: helpdesk [@]


Set Date: As per the date of each service catalog Revision: Corresponds to the revision of each service catalog