IT Center Directorate, Telkom University

Strategic Plan

The PuTI Directorate as a directorate has strategic plan to manages and implements information and communication technology (ICT) at Telkom University, which is carries out five main roles and objectives for the institution, namely:

  1. Supporting academic and non-academic activities
  2. Optimization of resources
  3. Management / automation of campus administration
  4. Value added services and competitiveness
  5. Transformation of education and teaching models


Become a unit managing information technology, communication and information systems by providing inspiring ideas and services (ideas to inspire) to support the achievement of Telkom University to become a world-class university.


  • Providing facilities and infrastructure for information technology services with reliable service functions for all Telkom University academic ideals
  • Building and managing integrated information system services with database systems, architecture, and frameworks that are built as added value and superior competencies of Telkom University.

Strategic Plan Rencana Strategis