Telkom University Information Technology Center Directorate

Telkom University Information Technology Center Directorate

Have 3 division for serving IT services.


Information Technology Product Development


  • System Analyst
  • Product Development
  • Database Management


Information Technology Infrastructure


  • Information Technology Network Infrastructure
  • Data Center
  • Information Technology Security


Information Technology Services and Research


  • Information Technology Quality Management
  • Content and IT Resources Management
  • User Services
  • Information Technology Research

Service Management System Policy

Kebijakan Sistem Manajemen Layanan

Service Management System Goals

Sasaran Sistem Manajemen Layanan

Information Technology Center Directorate

iGracias and SSO Information Services



IT Center Director

In order to support Telkom University’s target to become a World Class University (WCU), the Directorate of Information Technology Center (PuTI) functions as an “enabler” that provides a means of supporting the achievement of WCU in the field of Information Technology.

In addition, PuTI is committed to gradually moving towards a customer focus from the previous operational focus. If previously PuTI’s focus was on smooth operations, the PuTI Directorate will gradually begin to focus on customer satisfaction within Telkom University, without forgetting the smooth operation of IT services. Thus, it is hoped that PuTI’s service level can improve and be even better.

Dadang Setiawan Direktur PuTI
Dadang Setiawan
iGracias Website

Integrated Application Information System for Higher Education

Integrated Application Information System for Higher Education

RFID system to record attendance at Telkom University



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